Ask Ace, Mustache is ready

Apologies for such a downer update, but this is necessary.

Please, I know I won’t be able to change anyone’s views between one another, but apologies and forgiveness can go a long way.

I feel that disconnection comes from misunderstanding. I know I have done things misleadingly at some point.

Please try to heal the broken bridges. We are all human and we all make mistakes in our lives. These bruises don’t have to be permanent.

All of you are still my friends, and it hurts me seeing you all so negative against one another. So please, at least try to understand one another.

(DISCLAIMER: This doesn’t apply to all my followers, but you know who you are.)

Featuring: (apologies for not asking you to use your character. It feels that Ace can connect with bartenders more than other people)

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    Why did I narrate this entire thing to myself while giving Ace the voice of Solid Snake?
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